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Terms and Conditions


The use of the services offered by applies to each user and implies the fully acceptance and your consent regarding the terms and the conditions below.

The access and the use of the web site are free and aim to help our users find the needed information in the easiest and fastest possible way, as they require.

The last update to these Terms & Conds was made on the 11th February 2019.

A. Information about the site


The site is the property of CTL Consulting SRL, identified by J12/4027/2006 and CUI RO 19238870, located in Cluj-Napoca, 27/25 Liviu Rebreanu Street, County Cluj.


phone: +40740061980, +40264410220


website: is a persons / companies dedicated site, entities who want to contract accounting services. This serves informational scope for its users.


1. General terms includes: texts, images, services, photos and all these form the “content” of the mentioned website, which is the property of the company CTL Consulting SRL.

CTL Consulting SRL reserves its right, unilaterally, to change, correct, modify, add and / or withdraw THESE terms, without a previous announcement.

These changes will come into force from the moment of their publishing on At the same time, CTL Consulting SRL may limit the access to the site or to certain site facilities, may bring limitations to certain IPs, without previous notifications and free of responsibility.

2. Use of site content


The information presented on are of general interest and are made available to the users for free. Through the term “user” of this site is understood any person or legal entity / company that will access this site.

You can copy and print the website content you’re your personal use, without any commercial intentions. In any other situations, the content of cannot be reproduced, modified or exploited.

The access to is free.

The access of the users to certain sections of require the user to supply contact details. The forms will require detailed information from the user such as complete name, phone, email address. These data will be protected according to the law Regulation 679/2016 regarding the personal data protection, applicable from May 25, 2018.

The website usage implies the acceptance of these terms and conditions.


3. Copyright


The content of is the property of CTL Consulting SRL and it is protected by the copyright pretection law, all the rights being reserved. The usage of any data, images, text, graphics, symbols, web graphics, scripts and programs belonging to, without a prior agreement from the owners, shall be punished according to the laws in force.

The content from cannot be reproduced, modified, transferred, distributed, republished, copied or transmitted without the prior written permission from the representatives of CTL Consulting SRL.


4. Users’ responsibility


The usage of the website implies the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of use.

Not allowed:

  • to modify, publish, transmit, transfer, sell, distribute the materialsrealized throughreproduction, display or modification of the content of, without the prior agreement from CTL Consulting SRL
  • to removethe sign that marks copyright of on its content
  • to reproduce the content of or to send it to other websites or servers or any other information storage means
  • taking over, processing, reproducing and the usage of the obtained informationthrough, for commercial purposes.

Any usage of the content of for other purposes than the expressly allowed ones by this document or by the legislation in force is forbidden.

Any requests for the use of the content in other purposes than the expressely allowed ones in this document can be sent to the email address

5. Information provided by the site & Protection of personal data


Filling out the “Request Offer” form or the Contact form is considered the express and unambiguous consent of the user for the usage of his/her personal data for the purpose of demanding an offer and contact.

CTL Consulting SRL does not take responsability for the correctness of the users’ provided data through the “Request offer” form or contact form.

As required by the European Regulation 679/2016, for the people protection with respect to the personal data processing and the free circulation of these data, CTL Consulting SRL is required to manage safely and only for the specified purposes the personal data provided by its users.

Also, we bring to your knowledge that the user may always ask for the enforcement of his/ her rights regarding the personal data that CTL Consulting SRL posseses – the right to request their personal data, the right to change, the right to “be forgotten”, the right to opposition, etc., in which case CTL Consulting SRL will proceed respecting the indications of the European Regulation 679/2016.

For any questions regarding the enforcement of your rights with respect to using and regarding the usage protection, you can contact us through the “Contact” section from the site, or you can write us an email to does not offer the personal collected data to third parties without your express and prior consent.

Any statistics regarding the website users’ traffic, which we will offer by third party or to partner websites, will be provided just as a set of data and it does not include any personally identifiable information about any individual user.


6. Limitation of responsibility

CTL Consulting SRL is not responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, resulting from:

  • usageor unability of usage of the information from
  • statements / actions of athird party on the services from
  • any otherissues concerning the services offered by

Provided that you feel that some material on the site, posted by third parties or users, violate intellectual property rights or any other rights, please report this situation at the email address is a site offered in this form without any other guarantees. CTL Consulting SRL is not and can not be held responsible for mismatches, unavailability or other defects of or of its content.


7. Applicable law


The present Terms and Conditions, as well as any litigation related to, or stemming from their clauses, or from access / operation / malfunctioning of the website is subject to the Romanian internal Law. The language used in these Terms & Conditions is the English language.

In case of litigation, only the Romanian courts will be considered competent. The website users accept to adhere to these Terms and Conditions.

The website user of confirms that he/she read and accepted these Terms & Conditions.

The usage of implies the unconditional acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.


8. Suspension of access can – without any other notification or formality and without any explanation, block access to the content of the site – or to a part of its content.


9. Changes to the site reserves its right to suspend, modfy, add or delete parts or portions of its content at any time. Also, reserves the right to restrict the access of the users to a part or to its whole content.

Some parts of the content published on may be provided by third party people with whom has contractual relationships in this sense.

Also, in the content of can be included advertising sections where publicity posts of third parties can be displayed. is not responsible in any way of the content provided by third parties, whether it is advertisement or not. Also is not responsible for the content of the external pages to which it referes from within.


10. Approval of comments reserves their right not to approve or to disale (with no subsequent possibility for the users to reactivate them)  those information or comments sent to publication or published – that contradict the terms and conditions of use, which are outside the envisaged site thread or are considered unilaterally, illegal, discriminatory, injurious, inappropriate or harmful, in any form, of its own images, partners or third parties.

The user is the only one responsible for the content they publish. For this, you must know that the posts, communication or information sent through the Social Media Platforms provided by are subject to these Terms & Conditions and may not appear on, if they were not previously approved.

Also, the user must understand that he cannot publish, forward or make references to the users or members of of any kind of commercial unsolicited message, messages with confidential information, messages containing Virus or any other code sequences that prove to be destructive or that can interrupt, eliminate or limit the functionality of, or any other activity meant to deceive the trust of other people and any messages containing illegal texts, immoral, abusive, threatening, indecent, which violate in any way the intellectual property rights or any rights that a thirdparty can have.

11. Modification of this section of terms and conditions reserves its right to change these terms, changing the version and the date of adoption of new regulations without fulfilling any other formalities.

When these terms will modify, will notify (but has no obligation to) through the email or through a message and / or through publishing on the front page of the site, a link that will take the user to the new form of this document.

The access to the site and the usage of our services after the notification moment or displaying of the link for the modified Terms & Conditions – implies the fact that you have given your agreement on the new terms.


12. Privacy

Any personal data such as: name, email address, your phone number – that you send through the website will be used in accordance to the Privacy Policy.

Any other kind of communication or materials that you submit on this site, such as questions, comments, suggestions or other messages of this kind will be considered as non-confidential and will be considered as Unprotected intellectual property rights.